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W2 and Dancers was founded in 2012 because Lü and Weijs felt the need of catchy, snappy pieces with humor and, still, with artistic depth of a concert dance; Something to which the general audience - and not just dance 'experts' - can relate and enjoy. Through several collaborations, Weijs and Lü decided to join their forces - to create a team that prioritizes accessible works, the creative voices of each individual dancer and their well being. While Lü values the complexity of humanity and humor in arts, Weijs seeks deeper creative exploration in creation and conceptualization.

The connection between our artistic team and the audience is what we want to build over the coming years. Our audience is important to us, so we want to provide them access to our layered works while giving them room to grow into a more educated audience, with an understanding of the value of concert dance and other abstract art forms.

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Dancing is contagious  
Sponsored by CIRCLE Rotterdam,... Dancing is contagious
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